Sunday, April 6, 2008

Doggy's Day Out

I recently met a woman while out shopping with my dog Muffin, when the woman stopped us to ask if Muffin was a Bichon Frise (yes) and to tell me how adorable she is (well yea!). The woman also provided me with some great information about a day set aside for dogs in a nearby town.

Because your dog is worth it too day is a L'Oreal sponsored event who, in conjunction with the Central and South Jersey affiliate of the Susan G. Komen organization, provides proceeds to the Race for the Cure (cost is only $10 per adult).

The day, created for our beloved pals, includes a wide variety of Doggy contests such as a maze and puppy limbo, doggy fun like swimming pools and dog park and numerous special features.

The fun happens on August 16, 2008 in Cranbury, NJ from 9am to 4pm. This day looks ridiculously fun and if I weren't going to be partying in a tropical locale, I'd definitely be there with Muffin. Maybe she'll still go and just tell me how it was ;)

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